Trading Books to Read

W.D.Gann – Speculation a Profitable Profession. A Course of Instructions on Stocks. Volume 1

Van Tharp – Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom

Tomas Bjoerk – Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time

Tom Joseph – A Mechanical Trading System

Toby Crabel – Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout

Thomas DeMark – New Market Timing Techniques

Steve Nison – Beyond Candlesticks. Full

Steve Nison – The Candlestick Course

Steve Nison – Beyond Candlesticks New Japanese Charting Techniques Revealed (Wiley Finance)

Robert Miner – High Probability Trading Strategies

Mark Douglas – The Disciplined Trader

Leslie Masonson – All About Market Timing

Ken Wolff – Trading on Momentum. Advanced Techniques for High Percentage Day Trading

Geoff Bysshe – Trading the 10 O’clock Bulls. Winning Strategies for Active Traders

John Person – Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers

Jeff Cooper – Intra-Day Trading Strategies. Proven Steps to Short-Term Trading Profits

Cynthia Kase – Trading With The Odds

David Stendahl – Money Management Strategies for Serious Traders

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